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Looking for the Best 4K gaming TV? these won’t dissapoint

Getting a TV that can support 1080p gameplay at 120Hz is no longer difficult. However, finding one that can also support 4K at even 60Hz is still a headache. This is why I have dug around the Internet and came up with some of the best 4k gaming TV s in case you are looking for a sharper and clearer text and image quality.

All the TV s I am going to go through are 40Inch and more in terms of screen size. In this post, I will also be talking about chroma 4:4:4, something common to all the monitors I will be covering. Chroma 4:4:4, also chroma subsampling is where images are encoded more towards luminance rather than color accuracy. This makes gives a no compromise in the accuracy of RGB, hence better image quality.

             Large Best 4K gaming TV s with a friendly price tag

  •  LG UH7700 LED TV

Available in: 55″ 60″ 65″


If you are a multitask and often cross over to watching film and sport, this is the TV for you. It doubles up as a great 4K gaming monitor and a great TV as well. Playing Rapid action video games and fast motion pictures using this TV, you won’t notice any lag or blur. Even though 120fps in 1080p is not supported in this gaming TV, 4k does pretty well at 60Hz. All this at chroma 4:4:4. One notable thing you have to bear with is the horrible contrast and blacks.

Don’t let this downside put you off, this is still one of the best 4k gaming TV with a friendly price tag out there.


  • Samsung KU 6300

Available in: 40″ 43″ 50″ 55″ 60″ 65″ 70″

Best 4K gaming TV

The Samsung KU 6300 is a favorite gaming TV among many mainly because of what it offers versus the price you pay. Like its main competitor above, this gaming TV also supports 4K gaming at 60Hz and 1080p at 120Hz. Image quality is decent, even when playing high motion games. You won’t notice any input lag and the contrast is exceptional making it suitable for day and night use. A few downsides include flickering at lower levels and the contrast may not be everyone’s best. Having that in mind, do remember that this is still one of the most affordable best 4k gaming Tv to go for. 




                      Best 4K gaming TV s – Large & high end

While there’s no problem wanting bigger and better, you will, however, have to dig much deeper to purchase the best 4K gaming Tv. If you have the budget, these two 4K gaming TV s are definitely worth your money.


Available in: 55″ 65″

best 4K gaming TV

Second only to the LG E6 in terms on picture quality, the B6 is a high-end 4K gaming tv with lots to offer. OLED does wonders when it comes to class viewing angle, as well as eliminating blurs in rapid motion pictures.

Like our budget 4K gaming monitors above, this one still supports 4K gaming at 60Hz and chroma 4:4:4, though 1080p at 120Hz isn’t possible. The input lag is quite low, and many people will hardly see any difference. If the E6 is has a better image quality than this, then have not mentioned it instead? Well, the price difference between this gaming TV and the E6 is too large to validate the E6’s worth.



  • Sony X850D

Available in: 55″ 65″ 75” 85”

best 4K gaming TV

If OLED is too much for you to bite, the Sony X850D is your next best cheaper option. It is among the best LED TVs you can use as a monitor, offering great performance when it comes to high motion video games. Forget about motion blur or anything like input lag, as this gaming TV supports both 4K gaming at 60Hz at Chroma 4:4:4 and 1080p at 120fps. If you find the 120fps mode has some sort of artifacts, play using the graphics picture mode instead. Overall, this is the best 4K gaming tv for pro gamers and therefore a worthy buy.




The 4k gaming TV s above are what I think are the best to use as a monitor currently, each group with their similar price range. However, there are other monitors worth checking out, including:

Sony X900C

LG E6.

Samsung KS8000

While no TV can be perfect, you will find that most of these mentioned are actually good enough also, often enough to satisfy many PC gamers anyway. Most of the flaws I have talked about are not easily noticeable unless you really know what you are looking for. That wraps up this best 4K gaming TV list. What do you think? Any other good 4K gaming TV s worth mentioning? let me know in the comments section below.

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