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Best Asus gaming PC under 1000 – ASUS M32CD-US013T

Decided to buy instead of building your first gaming PC? Well, not every one of us is tech – savvy enough to build their own gaming rig, and it’s totally fine. In this article, we are going to review the best Asus gaming PC under 1000 to go for at the moment. Apart from not knowing the technical bit, you might not have enough time to build your PC, so end up buying a prebuilt one. Without much talk, let’s head straight to our choice Asus gaming PC.

ASUS G11CD-WS51 – Best Asus gaming PC under $1000

best ASUS gaming pc

Branded as the tip of the spear by Asus themselves, this is a no – nonsense PC. It has been customarily designed for one purpose:

Bring the best out of immersive virtual gaming worlds.

Before we talk about other cool features this rig has, one major thing to note first is that the ASUS G11CD-WS51 is Oculus-ready. This means that you can use the oculus rift headset directly, no compatibility questions or complex protocols.

The Powertrain

Inside this stock ASUS casing is, of course, a healthy latest 6th Generation Intel core i5 6400 CPU. To compliment this, the NVIDIA   GeForce GTX 970 takes care of your GPU needs.

With these two leading the assault, you already know where this is headed.


The Asus G11 motherboard is well equipped with more connectivity and expansion ports than you’ll need.  At the front, you have 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports, a 6 in 1 card reader and a DVD-RW optical drive. At the rear side of this nice looking monster are more ports; two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0.and two USB 3.1. Audio ports for your MIC and headset are available both at the rear and the front, while Ethernet, VGA and HDMI output ports are available at the rear.  An advantage of the GTX9670 GPU at this stage is that setting up a multi- monitor setup is made easy thanks to its 3 display ports. Bluetooth 4.0, 8012.11 AC.


Something we almost left out is the G11CD’s support for Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The board comes with BlueTooth 4.0 and 8012.11 AC.

ASUS G11CD-WS51 gaming performance

We have theoretically talked about how our choice best ASUS gaming PC under $1000 performs, but how does it fare in real when put to the test?

First of all, you’ll expect the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 to live up to its task and yes: It gives this PC an edge over modern games. It can comfortably play demanding games at high settings when set to quad HD.  4K gaming? yes, albeit in short bursts only, no full time.

best ASUS gaming PC

We tested a number of games on our choice best ASUS gaming PC, one being the tactical shooter, where it returned 55fps when set to high at 1080p, and 130fps when set to low. Overall, with this PC, you will get good framerate in anything but 4K resolution. Our attempt to play Rainbow 6 siege on 4K resolution returned a disappointing 12fps when set to high.

Wrapping it up – conclusions & recommendations

Our choice best ASUS gaming PC has fared well so far, only being let down by its slightly lower fps in 4K resolution gaming. All things said this is still a powerful rig well worth the money. The 6th Generation i5 together with 8GB memory are powerful enough to handle any serious workload tossed its way. Depending on the demands of your games, this PC comes with the Aegis Application. The App keeps track of the PC’s performance load, customize your gameplay and even record it.

Another fantastic feature of this Application is that it allows you to choose your PC’s lighting from 8 million colors available. The lights can be configured to either glow steadily or pulsate, depending on your preference.

If you are looking for a reliable gaming PC, and in this case the best Asus gaming PC for less than $1000 that can play all the latest games, the G11 -CD-WS51 is an excellent choice to go for.


7.5 Total Score

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