Best waterproof IPhone cases in 2017 – our top 5 review

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Having an iPhone is one thing, living with it is another. In the fast world of today, you never know what to expect and, therefore, having a small form of “insurance” for your iPhone is definitely worthwhile. Not only does it give you a peace of mind as you go about your daily activities, it also saves you a lot of money in terms of damages you might have to take care of.  If you own the latest iPhone – iPhone 7, this is no longer a problem, since the phone is waterproof. However, if you have any of the older iPhone series of smartphones, the market is flooded with iPhone cases. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best waterproof iPhone cases for iPhone four, five and six.

Update - 2017.04.24

Not to say that this actually lets down the iPhone, but it is a shame that rivals Samsung galaxy S series and the Nokia Lumia 800 are all waterproof. Today, the market is flooded with iPhone cases to try and bridge this gap, but we all want the best waterproof iPhone cases for our devices, don’t we?

   Let’s handpick the best waterproof iPhone cases for you

Unfortunately, that’s where the problem begins, as many of us are spoilt for choice due to the millions of iPhone casings sold out there, and what usually happens is that we end up making the wrong choices when purchasing, choices that will come and haunt us later. But after much thought, we figured out that we could stop this.  By doing the research and testing the products for you first, we are offering you a list of the best waterproof iPhone cases you will absolutely love. What’s more, they are very affordable!

   1. Lifeproof Nuud iPhone Case

This is one waterproof iPhone case made with creativity in mind. Rather than use the normal screen protector as other waterproof cases, this one smartly fits around the screen of your iPhone, creating a seal without compromising the sensitivity of your screen at all. With a starting price of $49.99, it is not exactly cheap but considering the style and class that comes with it, you definitely want to go for it. This price goes up the more you add options. If you are not willing to spend this much on it, there are countless stores online where you can still find lifeproof Nuud waterproof iPhone cases for less.


The Nuud iPhone case is available for all iPhone 4 & 5 series, as well as the 6 and the newly launched 7 should get their cases anytime soon.


2. SnowLizard SLXTREME iPhone case


This is another waterproof case that has been made perfect for all rounded persons. Whether you like skiing, are a sportsperson or an explorer, it works! Boasting of a rugged design that may look unappealing to some, I believe this is what exactly gives it the ability to keep your iPhone free from water. Although a bit pricey, it lives up to its value, therefore, is a must have if you truly value your iPhone.

For $77.39 you can get your snowlizzard extreme waterproof iPhone case with the color of your choice. However, be reminded that additional options, should you go for them will soar the price up to a maximum of $150.

3. The Hitcase waterproof iPhone case

Best waterproof IPhone cases

If you love taking pictures, you’ll definitely fall in love with this. In fact, this should be up near the peak of this list. Taking photos while swimming is fun, but what would you call sea diving and taking photos comfortably from your iPhone?

Because it was made to spend most of its time in the water, the hitcase waterproof iPhone case is made to do its job perfectly without any flaw. It has an app vidometer which is greatly ideal for recording your activities with the case.


The base model goes for  $77.97, but any additional options add up the price to over $100.

4. Griffin Survivor & catalyst waterproof iPhone case

The reason why the survivor and catalyst case does so well in the consumer market is definitely its price. With just $15.96, you can get yourself one of the best waterproof IPhone cases in the market without having to break the bank.

griffin griffin1

This simple, yet practical case offers you the chance to take photos beneath water using your iPhone for a little extra depth. Trusted by many over the years it’s been in existence, the Griffin survivor + catalyst waterproof case is available for iPhone 5 series currently


5. The Incipio Atlas waterproof iPhone case

The saying Old is gold can be a perfect description of what this case is all about. Slender and more minimalistic yet still practical, it is no wonder this case won the best of show award 2013 at the CES. Now you might be thinking, 2013 is now ages passed, and right, It is. However, Incipio Atlas have not slept on the job but kept up the amazing features and functionalities of their cases to work with almost any iPhone in the market.


with a choice of four colors and a starting price of only $8.99, this is one of the most affordable iPhone cases to go for.


The cases listed above are among the best waterproof iPhone cases suitable for any lifestyle you live or activity you do. You should now have a better understanding and a solid decision on what kind of casing you want for you iPhone. This post is a bit outdated, but we are working on a new guide that will cover newer phone models and even better cases that have since hit the market.

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    Ralph March 14, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Very informative, its true that many of us are very skeptical about buying the nuud life proof because of the espoused screen. Thanks for recommending us a choice

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