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5 Free flight simulator games for PC you probably didn’t know about

When it comes to flight sims, well, Austin Meyer and Microsoft rule the skies don’t they. As a matter of fact, these are the only two mostly played flight simulators, their only serious competition being Prepared3 and DCS world. While these flight sims are well polished and detailed, they don’t always come cheap. Buying the game is not always a problem, but the additional cost of aircraft is often too steep for many. If you are not committed to serious flight simming at the moment, you don’t really have to splash the money. I have dug around the internet and came up with these free flight simulator games for PC to consider as alternatives.

While digging around the internet, I found quite a number of flight sims, ranging from old classics to full combat sims.

Combat Sims – free flight simulator games for PC

World of warplanes

free flight simulator games for pc

Available for the windows operating system only, this combat flight simulator takes place in world war 1. It ‘s more of arcade-style where you battle enemies on large battlefronts. the game has a wide variety of airplanes, ranging from wooden biplanes to jet fighters. Brought to you by the same developers of World of Tanks, the game is free, but new updates have included in-app purchases. Just like most games, you begin with the old birds with limited range and firepower. As you earn more currency by winning fights, better aircraft can be unlocked. This won’t happen overnight, and the quicker option is to always spend real cash on a new bird.

The controls you find in World of warplanes are mainly the essentials only, so forget about the dozen gauges you’d find in modern sims. It’s an old flight simulator. Even the little you get is a bonus. I know the limited realism when it comes to flight controls isn’t going to go well for veteran flight simulators, but at least it’s easier for newbies to learn.

Say you start a dogfight in this combat flight sim, you will most probably notice the lack of depth and authenticity found in current flight sims or even in real life. however, one thing that’s going to thwart your attention from the limited controls is the scenery they’ve put up. There are lots of well-done locales that bring the world war 1 scenario into play.

If you are looking for a combat flight simulator that’s easy on the controls and can be played with friends, World of warplanes is definitely a worthy option.

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War Thunder

free flight simulator games for pc

A follow-up to the world of warplanes, this multiplayer online game takes place in world war II. As much as the war gave us unforgettable suffering, it’s also worth saying that it brought air combat and superiority unlike we had seen before. Revolutionary combat plane designs and engines were produced, and aircraft carriers extended reach across oceans.

Unlike World of warplanes also, this game has different modes to suit both rookies to veteran gamers. The relaxed mode will have most of the controls automated, which is good for learners. If you want more realism and control over planes, the hardcore simulation mode will make you feel at home.

The game has a wide variety of warplanes-you get to choose from any of the great powers of world war 2. These include the US, German, Britain, japan, and USSR aircraft. Aside from dogfights with enemy jet fighters and taking out ground stations, you can also drive ground vehicles including tanks anti-aircraft vehicles.

The game is a freemium model, meaning you pay nothing to download and play. As you progress, you might want to purchase additional content and this will cost you real money. This is the quicker option to say, sheer persistence, which means you play the game for much longer, earn points and use them to unlock stuff.

At first, you might get overwhelmed at the nature of the game but as you progress, things will get more familiar. War thunder is available for download on steam and scores an outstanding 9/10 from customer ratings.

If you want a combat flight sim with hundreds of true warplanes to fly, consider getting War thunder. It’s one of the best free flight simulators out there.

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Rise of Flight



Now If you have noticed the trend here, most combat flight sims available are mainly based on world wars 1 and 2. Rise of flight is no exception, taking on world war 1 too. While the media tend to overlook the great war, Combat flight sims have continuously featured the war in which planes were first used.

Stepping into Rise of flight, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer authenticity. The devs have clearly outdone themselves when it comes to detail. The cockpit, the chassis, and the scenery are all outstanding. Places like the western front are rendered in amazing detail, to give the impression of real life battlefronts. The game centers on combat but you’d be forgiven for wanting to just fly around and enjoy the scenery.

Different game modes are available, including multiplayer battles, recreated historic battles, and custom battles. Unlike most Free flight simulator games for PC in this list, Rise of Flight does not have in-game purchases. The game is completely free to download from the developer’s site. You cannot fly as many aircraft as you would in War thunder, but for the amount of detail and scenery it gives, you are willing to forgive Rise of Flight and give it a try.

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Good old sims- free flight simulator games for PC

If you are not after taking down enemy aircraft, bombing ground installations and aircraft carriers, here are some good alternative free flight simulators for PC.

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Old flight sims such as YSFLight are all about giving you chance to play a flight sim even with a low spec PC. Some might say the game hasn’t evolved much since it was released, citing it’s size. At 35mb, this sounds like a big joke, right?

Despite the small size, this flight sim is unbelievably well stocked with tons of features you’ll love. I’ll admit the visuals are not as impressive as you get on many other flight sims, but for the size and age of the game, we can ignore that.

YSFlight has about 60 aircraft to choose from, and a map covering most popular regions in the world. Despite the small size, the game is actually really customizable. You can tweak setting such as day and night, wind and weather. It might be a really lightweight flight sim but you still have support for a joystick, mouse, and keyboard. YSFlight is also one of the first games that introduced gameplay footage recording. Essential flight details such as flight speed, direction, and elevation are displayed on the dash and that’s pretty much all you can see.

Now here comes the interesting part about this sim. The game was developed as a university project by Soji Yamakawa, a Japanese student while preparing for his final exams. The game was released in 1999 and since then, Soji has continued to support the game through updates and now runs it’s dedicated server.

While it might not compare to other Free flight simulator games for PC out there, if it’s something simple and lightweight you want, YSFlight is worth checking out. It’s free.

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Google Earth Flight Simulator


If you thought you knew all about Google’s hidden borderline features, their earth flight sim might have slipped under your radar. The software comes with a hidden flight sim that contains two aircraft: An F-16 Viper and an SR22 prop plane. These aircraft give you an amazing bird’s eye view of the earth’s landscape complete with 3D buildings thanks to the Google streaming satellite imagery.

Google have not spent much time giving players more control over the aircraft, and the only things you can adjust are altitude and speed. There’s no autopilot, no crashing, and worst of all, no sound. However, since this is more of an exploration flight sim, there’s really no need for sound.

You can start directly in the air, lift off from major airports worldwide, or begin where you stopped on the previous flight. If you want additional aircraft and airports, you might want to install the Google earth plugin for chrome and download Google Earth Flight Sim online. This is a slightly different sim, adding online chat functions and more players.

Generally, Google Earth Flight Simulator is the most basic of Free flight simulator games for PC in this list, yet gives a little bit of advantage over the rest. The scenery is excellent and real time thanks to the satellite imagery, and should you use the chrome plugin, you don’t have to install any external software.

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Finally on these 5 Free flight simulator games for PC

This wraps up our top 5 Free flight simulator games for PC. What are your thoughts on these flight sims? Have you played any of them? Will you be trying  them out? Let us know in the comments section below. If you found this post fascinating, please pass it on to your favorite social platforms.

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