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GTA 6 system requirements

GTA 5 online is undoubtedly where rockstar north currently has most of their efforts directed at. However, people are still dying for an official announcement of GTA 6. Rockstar has not confirmed whether we will have grand theft auto 6, but needless to say, the rumor mill has been going around and here is what we know and what we don’t know about GTA 6 at the moment.
Even with more content being added to GTA online at the moment fans of the single-player campaign or offline players remain unhappy with the number of missions in GTA 6. Even though there are endless things to do and custom missions through mods, 60 missions for a game the size of GTA 5 are not enough.

GTA 6 system requirements

Grand theft auto V is one of the games you can play with direct x 12 which makes it take full advantage of the power of two graphics cards. We believe Rockstar will be building up on that, but as for normal system requirements to play gta 6 in your pc, the figures should not be anything crazy.

Is rockstar making GTA 6?

Even though Rockstar north has been silent on this matter, we really hope that we will get some disclosure about GTA 6 in 2018. Looking at previous GTA games, we can clearly see that Rockstar usually has a timeline of 4 or 5 years between each game. Even so, it makes perfect sense and I believe they also know that we want a new GTA – GTA Vi.

GTA 6 release date

We know that Rockstar is releasing red dead redemption in June 2018, which actually suggests that GTA 6 might not be coming next year. They might announce GTA 6 in late 2018, then we will have to wait for at least one year before the game is released. We also don’t know whether this time around, Rockstar will release GTA 6 for pc at the same time with GTA 6 for Xbox and PlayStation.

gta 6 release date
GTA 6 location

gta 6 location

There have been speculations that GTA 6 will be set in the UK. There is no clear evidence to support these claims, with other possible locations being Tokyo. However, a grand theft auto game set outside the US is not something we expect with GTA 6, even though Rockstar has tried it in previous versions of the game. The game is so American it would break it if it was set somewhere else.
Another rumor mill claims that the game will be set in the entire United States. This might not be technically and financially impossible for rockstar north, but it could take years to develop. The game will also involve too much distance to cover and will need to have a lot of missions in the single-player campaign.
In order to cover the whole of US, GTA 6 could be truncated to a smaller scale or something, but whichever way rockstar decides to include all US cities in the game, this is an interesting rumor.

GTA 6 characters

All previous Grand Theft Auto series games have used male characters. However, we would love to also see rockstar include their first female protagonist in GTA 6. The Guardian interviewed dan houser as to why they did not include a female character for GTA V and his response was that they just didn’t think about it at that time.
However, houser suggests that in the future they could have a game with the lead female character. Will we see that in GTA 6? Maybe. In gta5, we got our first multiple sets of protagonists in the series and the reception was great. Playing as Trevor Phillips, Michael and Franklin was fun and brought 3 different characters each with their unique personalities together.

GTA 6 news

Aside from all the rumors what we at least know, that suggests we will have GTA 6 is rockstar president’s statement where he suggested that grand theft auto 6 will exist in some form.

gta 6 graphics
GTA 6 cars

We expect GTA 6 will run the same car models as we have seen over the years in previous versions of the game. We also don’t expect to have real car models because of the obvious reasons regarding the nature of the game. They perhaps might increase the number of vehicles in the game, but we will have to wait for an official word from Rockstar.

gta 6 cars
GTA 6 trailer

As of writing this, there is no official trailer for GTA 6 just yet. I know there are a number of videos on youtube titled GTA 6 trailers or something like that, but all are just bogus. When rockstar releases their official GTA 6 trailer, that will not be difficult to find I’m sure.

gta 6 release date

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