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Jaybird X3 review – 3 months later


The Jaybird X3 are super portable wireless earbuds connected by a wire. Wait…does that make any sense? maybe, because of the wire actually functions as a connection between the earbuds, with the rest of the connection utilizing BlueTooth technology. If you are shopping for good quality earphones from a reputable brand for cheap, the Jaybird X3 is what we’ll be looking at today.

Available in Sparta White and blackout color options - 2017.09.16

If you have read most Jaybird X3 reviews from other sources, you notice that they credit these earbuds as a remarkable improvement to the X2s. This is true and totally makes sense. See, unlike smartphones where new features have to be added every year, those who are familiar with the X2s and the original Jaybird X will find it hard to differentiate the three.

Jaybird X3 review Are they the best Bluetooth earbuds of 2017?


The new shape is different, taking a bit of a new design compared to the X2. They are also a bit smaller, shorter and lighter compared to its predecessors. These design tweaks help the Jaybird X3 improve comfort. The most important part is that the earbuds are now flat at the back, making them Hat proof. What this means is that if you have a winter hat to put on over your earbuds, the X3s won’t get caught easily. If you used the X2s, you must have noticed that they had rounded bulbs backs that would stick out more. Let’s also say you cycle a lot and often have to wear a helmet, the new Jaybird X3’s design will prevent any other external sounds and cleverly disconnects you from the rest of the world.


Apart from indoor use and perhaps riding as I’ve mentioned above, the Jaybird X3 can be used almost anywhere. You can take them to the tracks, mountain climbing, and are also some of the best Bluetooth earbuds that you can go swimming with thanks to their waterproof build. They technically have new drivers inside, particularly new 6millimeters that have a cone-shaped cylinder housing.

Sound Quality

Compared to the X2s and other back to back Jaybird earbuds, I can only hear a bit of a difference in the sound quality. I can only say the major difference was the sort of wider soundstage, like a little bit of better instrument separation, which is great. Overall, the sound profiles, the low and the highs of the X3s are very similar to the previous Jaybird earbuds.

New Features

You can now use the My Sound App to change the sound signature of the X3s, which I think have the best flat sound signatures of any current wireless pair of headphones. You can build your own sound profiles, name it and save it or choose from a ton of free prebuilt ones. All these profiles adjust the firmware of the earbuds to adjust from device to device.

Another new addition to the Jaybird X3 is the controller and battery, and it’s definitely going to get mixed reactions. Instead of being built into the earbud itself, now the battery is in the controller. You will still get roughly 8 hours of battery life, which is still one of the best you can get in current earbuds. The charging method is now complicated a little, where you have to line up the pins then click them to start charging. It uses a full-sized USB, so you shouldn’t run out of ports in the house unless you only have this.

The downside with X3’s new charging system is the charger cable. You’ve got to remember to bring this little thing on trips since, without it, you can’t just plug the headphones into a cable like you could do before. This is what I consider the biggest downside of these headsets.

Price history and tracker

Taking away the X3’s charger cable’s woes is the price. Unlike the Jaybird X2s which cost around $179.99 and the Jaybird Freedoms which cost $199.99 in most places also, the X3 hasn’t followed the trend. These earbuds are launching at only $129.99 so that’s already a great price for an improvement over the headphones that launched for a hundred and eighty bucks. Thank you Jaybird for that.

Additionally, if the X3 wireless headset is too pricey for you at the moment, you have the chance to track and discover when it goes down using our price tracker below.

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Lowest price Product: Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Sparta White - $129.89

Wrapping up on the Jaybird X3 earphones

Another advantage with the launch of the Jaybird X3 is that prices of old earbuds will go down. You can now get the X2s for somewhere around 80 bucks. I have left the links below for both the X3 and the X2 in case you might want to spring your holiday season with some wireless earphones.



7.5 Total Score
1 reviews
Good for the money

8.3Editor's score
Sound quality
Charging System
7.7User's score
Sound quality
Charging System
  • Affordable compared to the X2
  • Well designed for all-round use
  • If you forget or your charger cable gets broken you can't plug into any cable.
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