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Office Master OM5 review: Best premium ergonomic gaming chair for all your office and gaming needs

Okay so let’s be honest here. More than often, we tend to overlook our gaming chairs when it comes to the price we pay for let’s say a graphics card, right?  But do you know how choosing the best gaming chair can give you a totally new gaming experience? In this article, we are going to review the office master om5 chair. This chair can be used for gaming as well as normal office use and is one of the best premium ergonomic gaming chairs to go for.

Update - 2017.03.07


Office Master OM5 – The Best high-end chair to enhance your gaming experience

office master om5 gaming chair review

Even from the look of the eye, the OM5 has a ton of elements you’ll like. This chair extends the  popular belief that seeing is believing to sitting is believing. What would you say to a chair that adjusts itself to your butt and back size? Before you give your verdict, how about being told that it doesn’t need any manual knobs and levers?

These, and many more features of this chair makes its a favorite among people who are conscious about their butt sizes in relation to comfort with gaming chairs, and people who spend long hours typing away or hot on some ops.

The OM5 chair has been around for a few years now, and office master have had mixed sales for this chair. Its that sort of chair that “appeals to only those who know it”.  But if you ask me, I believe this chair has done well in the market. I know it faces some really stiff competition from the likes of DXRacer, Steelcase Gesture, Herman Miller, and the Xrocker pros, just to name a few. All these competitors have a rather similar design, all going for high backs and other features for enhanced comfort.

Office master, however, has added self adjusting mechanism to this chair, so unlike its man rivals, you don’t have to faff around with knobs and levers. It may not be a big deal for some of you guys, but small wins like these all add up to a really responsive gaming chair suitable for people of all body sizes.

Since gaming often involves sitting for long hours, you need a chair that you can adjust around. The OM5, with a lot of adjustable parts, gives you the comfort you need for an ultimate gaming experience. Beginning with the front seat, if you want more space for your thighs, you can fold it forwards in a curl manner. Your thighs can then have some fee space to relax when you are spending a lot of hours sat on the OM5.

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This chair extends the popular belief that seeing is believing to sitting is believing.

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Since your arms are constantly on the move when playing games or typing, office master have give you the freedom to take the comfort to whichever posture you take on. The armrests of this best affordable gaming chair can also be moved back and forth to handle different postures, and can also be rotated in this office master om5 gaming chair.

Let’s say you just completed doing some work on your PC or playing some game, you can transition seamlessly from your current office posture to a relaxed one by leaning on your backrest and applying some pressure. This is a huge plus, because most chairs – even some premium ones just don’t get the formula correct.  They are usually made either too loose or too stiff. For the OM5 though, there’s a sort of a balance between the two.

The materials they use to make the OM5

This chair is made using lightweight but strong aluminium and poly flex for its backrest. This puts it in the same range as high-end gaming chairs, and therefore a serious competitor to them.

Warranty cover for your chair

Office master have proved that they can really build some really good gaming chairs, and their incentives don’t stop there. For your complete peace of mind, this chair comes with a 12-year warranty provided you bought it from authorized vendors or from office master directly.

This review would not be complete and unbiased without a pro/cons list, so we’ve included it here.

  • Its design in terms of quality can only be rivalled by high-end chairs.
  • It’s adjustment is automatic, you don’t need to mess with knobs and levers.

  • At times, Some might not be satisfied with the automatic adjustments.
  • The office Master OM5’s looks might not be up to everyone’s taste.

Finally on the Office master OM5, best places to buy and top alternatives if you are on a tight budget.

The OM5 is definitely a favorite among many with excellent user reviews in all major e commerce stores. Even though there are similar chairs in its class, you don’t go for the OM5 because it is a comfortable chair; you go for it because it offers you a high-end gaming experience with limited adjustments on your part. This is why we handpicked the OM5 as the best premium gaming chair to consider for an all-round ultimate and gaming experience.

For the best deal on the Office Master OM5, we have included links to Amazon, which currently has the best deal on this chair. Know of any other vendor selling at a lower price? Let us know and we will modify this post appropriately. Have one to sell yourself? Even better, we will let you sell it on our site for free.

Top alternative chairs to the office master OM5

If you can’t afford the $500+ for a new OM5, don’t panick. We have identified the best affordable options to go for that offer similar sitting experience or comfort if that’s what you’ll call it.

Chair Rating Price
1 Light Air Grid Chair [Leather and platinum built] See price
2 Modway Veer Drafting office chair See price
3 Flash Furniture Offex HL-0001-GG See price
4 Modway Veer Office Chair with Mesh Back See price


That wraps the office master OM5 review. What do you think? What other affordable gaming chairs do you use? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Why having a perfect gaming chair is important

  • If you spend long hours gaming, a low-quality chair can cause you back problems, something that can be solved by purchasing a good quality one.
  • A good gaming chair enables you to sit in a relaxed mode, the result? A healthy blood flow throughout the body.
  • Ever heard about slouching? Well if you don’t, slouching can really cause you problems later as you age. It is caused by bad sitting postures for prolonged hours.
  • Good gaming chairs are not only comfortable, some can go as far as enhancing your gaming experience by adjusting itself according to your posture.
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